“The experiences I have had with the Rutledge Girls Club have helped positively develop my character and enforce a greater sense of perseverance.”

CK Rutledge, PA

“During my years with the Rutledge Girls Club, my coaches and teammates gave me the encouragement I needed to be more confident in myself. I knew they believed in me, and their confidence inspired me to believe in myself as a softball player and teammate. Through this experience, I learned that I was a better player, teammate, and friend when I was confident in my abilities.”


EC Newtown Square, PA

“Being a member of the Rutledge Girls Club enabled growth in both my character and ability to effectively be a strong leader and person in both my scholastic and personal life. While I did trade my glove for a pair of running sneakers, outside of the Rutledge Girl’s Club organization I found passions in running and leadership that I accredit to the goal-oriented and positive mindset we previously had at the club.”


CM    Rutledge, PA

The mission of the RGC to teach values that are applicable on and off the field is very inspiring to me..... and has the ability to impact young girls for the rest of their lives and I want to be a part of contributing to that.   

MG       Swarthmore, PA 

The relationships I have built are exemplary of the Club’s commitment to community and mentorship because the people I met through this program were far more than coaches or teammates. These people made my experience with the Rutledge Girl’s Club meaningful and impacted me in ways that will last far beyond my years of softball. 

AC   Newtown Square, PA

In addition to teaching me toughness and grit, the RGC also taught me how to be an effective leader and team player. 

GK  Rutledge, PA

RGC showed me how important the aspect of community is even when I was only eight years old. 

JM  Swarthmore, PA